Our thoughts are not all our own.

PERU 🇵🇪 It was 9 weeks ago today I went on my first plant medicine journey. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to fully describe the underworlds I visited — places I’ve never seen before, not even in my worst nightmares — but here’s the thing I realized. They are all worlds that exist in me, and yet they aren’t actually mine. They weren’t created by me. Although they are a part of me.
In order to explain, I’ll share with you guys something that I shared with a client last night:

I consider myself a non-believer in many ways. I mean, sure, I believe in a power greater than myself, I believe in the Universe’s mystical ways and I believe in Mother Earth as an entity in her own right.

BUT... I didn’t grow up particularly religious, and the idea of a hell/heaven dichotomy after we die always humored me more than it frightened me.
That’s not to say that the plant medicine changed any of that. It didn’t.

During my first journey, I was in an underworld within underworlds that was full of darkness, with literally no light coming through (and I mean none) for nearly 6 hours.
But that wasn’t the interesting part.

I was in SO deep, that the Spirits actually said to me — in a voice as real and audible as if I were standing behind you in line at a Starbucks making small talk about the weather: “You’re in too deep. They’ll never be able to get you back, so stop trying. You’re never getting out of here. There is no escape. So you might as well turn and face it.” Of course what they were really telling me is that I had to turn and face myself.

I share this with you to make a point. Well there are many points I could make, but I’m just gonna make the one for now . . .
The power of our collective consciousness is undeniable.
Our thoughts are not all our own.
They are part of humanity’s thoughts.
Part of humanity’s hell.
Part of humanity’s darkness.
But the dark irony is that despite this, there is still no way out — not for any of us — but through.
The day will eventually come when each of us must face ourself.
Whether we do so with grace or via chaos, that is up to us.
Indeed it might be the only thing that is truly up to us in the end. ♥️ Tara x