1. If you don’t believe that thoughts become things, if you don’t believe that what you give your attention to grows, if you don’t believe that we are vibrational beings living in a vibrational universe, then the rest of this post will not only be meaningless to you, but it will probably annoy you. To everyone else, since you’re already on board, you’re probably already practicing being more disciplined with your thoughts — that’s a great thing! Which brings me to my next point. .

2. You have to get out of the trap of believing that your happiness is based what somebody else is or isn’t doing. It’s not other people who make us unhappy. It’s our expectations of other people that makes us unhappy. It’s OUR judgment about THEM that makes us unhappy. As long as you are at the mercy of other people behaving in a certain way, you will feel like a prisoner in your own life. .

3. But this prison is self-created, just like reality itself. Because people are fickle. No human being behaves consistently and according to our desires 100% of the time. And that’s OK, because we don’t either! We are fickle, too. .

4. When we lose sight of the bigger picture, we become unhappy. So we have to remember why we came. We have to remind ourselves that we did not come here to judge other people. We came here to do our own internal work, which is also the best way we can then contribute to the work of humanity. The work is first inside, then outside. And this cycle never ends. Within You is where the answers will always be. .

5. Every attempt you make to deviate from this truth will result in pain. Not because the universe wants to see you suffer. On the contrary. The universe is so loving and self-correcting, that She will never stop doing her job. .

She will never stop giving us the experiences we need in order to evolve and grow. Ultimately we are here to expand in consciousness. And whether we choose to go with grace or whether we go kicking + screaming, we will continue to move towards that white light one way or another.

To our collective growth,

Tara x